The Kent Coastline is a paradise for sea fishing enthusiasts. Here, we explore the coastal hotspots that offer the best sea fishing experiences in the region.

  • The first standout location is the popular seaside town of Whitstable, renowned for its rich fishing history and diverse variety of sea life.
  • Dover is a must-visit destination for those looking for an action-packed, adrenaline-pumping experience. With a vast array of species to be caught and stunning views of the English Channel, this location promises an unforgettable trip.
  • Broadstairs is the perfect place for a relaxed, family-friendly day out. With beautiful beaches and a tranquil atmosphere, you can unwind while you wait for a bite.

For those looking for added excitement, the Kent coastline is also home to some unique events, such as the annual Whitstable Oyster Festival which includes fishing competitions and demonstrations.

One angler’s experience was unforgettable. After a slow day of fishing from the pier at Dover, where he caught nothing but seaweed, he decided to call it a day and pack up. However, as he was reeling in his line, he felt a strong tug and suddenly pulled in a massive 25-pound cod. It just goes to show that fishing is a sport full of surprises and that even on a slow day, there’s always potential for a big catch.

Get your bait and tackle ready, because we’re about to dive into the deep and catch some serious fish!

Introduction to sea fishing in Kent

Kent is one of the UK’s most popular fishing destinations. It offers a range of spots for sea fishing, great for all levels. From shore to charters, you’ll find excitement and thrill. Cod, bass, skate – Kent’s coastal waters have plenty of opportunities.

Famous spots like Dungeness, Deal Pier and Herne Bay offer prime spots for beach and boat fishing. Plus, 350 miles of coastline has bays and estuaries perfect for rock or pebble beach fishing.

Events like the Samphire Hoe Fishing Festival and Dover Cod Open draw anglers from all over Europe. Plus, you get to explore beautiful locations in Kent.

Remember: Pack sunscreen! British weather can be unpredictable and staying safe from harsh rays will keep you comfortable. Cast away your qualms and enjoy fishing at these prime spots on the north Kent coast.

Fishing spots on the north Kent coast

On the northern coasts of Kent, there are abundant fishing spots for those who enjoy angling. These locations offer a diverse range of coastal delights for anglers to explore and catch their desired fish species. Here are three excellent locations to head to for a fruitful fishing trip:

  • Whitstable: This harbor town is a gem for sea fishing, with many fishing opportunities provided by the town’s shops, beaches, and harbour spots. The beaches are home to various species such as bass, codling, and flatfish all year round.
  • Herne Bay: This coastal town offers excellent angling spots along its long coastline. The popular pier attracts anglers for mackerel and bass fishing.
  • Gravesend: For the river angling experience, Gravesend offers the best opportunity due to its location near the estuary of the Thames River. It offers fishing spots for cod, whiting, and conger eel fishing.

One unique feature of these fishing locations is their accessibility by public transportation, which reduces the cost and makes them more available to all anglers looking to enjoy the beautiful Kentish coastlines.

While fishing off the coast of Herne Bay, an angler once caught a rare and exotic species of tuna that had strayed away from its usual habitats. This incident highlights the endless possibilities of the Kentish coastlines, and that every angler may potentially catch something unique on their next fishing trip.

If you’re fishing for compliments, head to Herne Bay where the catch of the day is always a brag-worthy beauty.

Herne Bay

Herne Bay, located on the north coast of Kent, offers a variety of fish species such as cod, bass, and flounder. Here, anglers can find piers, jetties, and sandy beaches for shore fishing. Boat trips are also available for those seeking deeper waters.

The east pier is a popular spot for mackerel in the summer months. Other great locations include Neptune Jetty and the Harbour Arm. Expert anglers even venture to offshore wrecks like the Varne Bank for deep-sea fishing.

Herne Bay has been home to sea angling since 1827 when The Arcadian Sea Fishing Club was formed. They modified trawling boats with living spaces below deck, converted into rod lockers for expensive rods.

Whitstable boasts plenty of marine life and stunning scenery for your angling pleasure. Oysters are shucking themselves and the fish are biting!


Are you an angler looking for a popular fishing spot? Whitstable, located on the north Kent coast, is the perfect destination. Here, you’ll find pier fishing, beach casting and many species of fish, such as sea bass, flounder and whiting.

Not only is Whitstable great for fishing, it’s also known for its seafood markets and oyster farms. Every year, the town hosts the world-famous Oyster Festival.

The tidal streams of Whitstable play an important role in creating the perfect habitat for various fish. The area has been an essential part of the local culture since Roman times, with oyster harvesting and trading being key activities.

So, if you’re looking to catch some fish in Seasalter, don’t forget – the early bird might get the worm, but the early fisherman gets the fish!


Seasalter is the ideal place for fishing fans in north Kent. Solitude and peace await you here. The Thames estuary view is stunning. Look out for bass, flounder and mackerel when fishing.

This village is beautiful – lush greenery and a tranquil atmosphere. The shallow beach is home to wildlife, so respect the area and don’t forget to discard your litter correctly.

Winter’s great too, as there’s less people around. The weather might be tough, but don’t let it put you off. Seagulls are here too!

In August 2021, Bill had a great experience. He caught a 6-pound bass – an exhilarating moment! He hopes to catch another huge one soon.

For a picturesque spot on the north Kent coast, Tankerton is where it’s at.


The North Kent coast has amazing fishing spots, like Tankerton. It’s a unique place for those wanting to try fishing in open waters. You can beachcast in shallow waters or use an umbrella rig to catch different species. The pebble beach is great for sea bass, flounders, and mackerel. Even during high tide, the waters are still safe for casting.

What makes Tankerton special? Its location near Whitstable protects it from harsher weather than up north. This leads to calmer waters, perfect for fishing.

For the best results, set up your gear during low tide and go deeper during high tide. Switch up baits and lures to catch your preferred fish.

Tankerton is an unforgettable experience! It’s hidden in beautiful surroundings and has calm waters great for casting. It’s one of North Kent’s hidden gems for angling. So why simply catch fish when you can catch a cold too? Welcome to the east Kent coast!

Fishing spots on the east Kent coast

In this coastal region of Kent, there are prime locations for sea fishing that are a must-visit for anglers. Whether you’re a novice or experienced fisherman, these hotspots offer a variety of fish species to catch and enjoy.

  • Reculver
  • Broadstairs
  • Pegwell Bay
  • Deal Pier

Each of these fishing spots has their unique characteristics, including tranquil environments and surplus fish populations. Avoid using nets in these areas as it is prohibited, which ensures a safe and natural habitat for the marine life forms.

Pro Tip: To increase your chances of catching fish, try to fish during the times of sunrise or sunset when the tides are high.

If you’re fishing for a good time in Margate, you’re in luck – the fish are biting and the local pubs are pouring.


Margate’s east Kent coast is a bustle of fishing fun! You’ll find bass, cod, and plaice in the coastal waters. Plus, access to the seafront is super safe and comfy.

The harbour pier is a hit with both novices and top anglers. Surrounding bays and rock formations offer plenty of spots for those seeking something special.

Shark fishing trips in summer months are available offshore, and you might catch Porbeagle, Thresher Shark, and Blue Sharks.

Pro Tip: Dusk or dawn is the best time to cast your line. Bigger fish tend to swim around then. So, why not try your luck at Margate? Then, head to the pub and listen to local tales of fishing feats!


Fish-enthusiasts, look no further! Ramsgate offers an abundance of fish, such as bass, mackerel and cod, all year round. Its English Channel location makes it ideal for deep-sea fishing. Charter boats are available to hire.

Shore fishing also yields good catches of cod and whiting in winter. The pier is great for going after bigger species like conger eel, skate and rays. Night fishing can be successful here too!

Ramsgate Harbour has been refurbished recently with new pontoons, so now there are improved facilities and 24-hour berthing spaces. Don’t miss the chance to catch some amazing fish and take in the coastal views. Patience is a virtue, but a fishing rod is a necessity. So make your way to East Kent and the fishing area of Ramsgate!


This coastal town is famous for its great fishing spots on the east Kent coast. Local fishermen often go to these lively places to catch their desired fish. Botany Bay, small but offering a variety of species including dogfish and smooth-hounds, is a great spot. Joss Bay is also perfect for those looking to seek out squid and bass.

Kingsgate Bay is ideal for cod, broadbill shark and conger eel. There’s a deep-water reef about 400 metres offshore here too.

Near Broadstairs is Viking Bay. Tim Thompson is the ‘Broadstairs Longline Fisherman’ here. Ask around and you’ll hear exciting stories of his adventures!

I hope the fish bite better than the mosquitoes.

Fishing spots on the south Kent coast

The southern coast of Kent is a haven for sea fishing enthusiasts. Here are some must-visit spots for any angler looking for an excellent fishing experience in this area:

  1. Dungeness: With its shingle beach, Dungeness is famous for shore fishing, especially for bass, mackerel, and dogfish. Trained boats can take you deeper into the sea to fish for cod, pollack, and squid.
  2. Folkestone Harbour: It is a popular spot for catching bass, whiting, and thornback rays. It’s perfect for shore and boat fishing, and you can easily rent boats from the local providers.
  3. Dover Harbour: Apart from experiencing the beautiful views, Dover Harbour is famous for fishing for plaice, sole, and mackerel. Off the coast, you can catch cod, skate, and thornback rays.
  4. Walmer Beach: Known for the incredible shore fishing experience, Walmer Beach is excellent for catching cod, flounders, and dogfish.

While exploring the south Kent coast, make sure to visit the St. Margaret’s Bay and the Deal Pier, which have abundant fishing opportunities, especially during the summer.

If you are looking for a bigger catch, try using live baitfish like sandeel and squid to attract bigger species. Don’t forget to check the tides and look out for further tips on regulations and best practices to make the most of your fishing trip.

If you’re looking for a catch of a lifetime in Dover, just remember: fishing is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.


Kent’s south coast is renowned for its rich marine life. Anglers come here to try their luck and catch bass, bream, or cod. The seas around Dover are deep and full of food, ideal for fishing.

Various methods are available – from beach-angling to boat trips. Tackle shops and charter boats are easy to find. Dover Castle is a beautiful, historical landmark that’s also great for fishing.

The town is famous for hosting international angling tournaments. Did you know there was a fishmongers’ guild here in 1399? Today, it’s a seafood-lovers paradise – fresh catches from its plentiful waters. Get ready, ’cause the fish in Folkestone are so keen, they might even pay you for the pleasure of being caught!


Folkestone, on the southeast coast of Kent, is a great spot for amateur and professional anglers alike. Peaceful and scenic, it offers a unique angling experience. It’s popular too, with plenty of sea bass, plaice, cod, and other species to catch.

For a change from crowded beaches, why not try Folkestone? Pack your gear and head over for a refreshing day of fishing. Hythe may have some good spots, but be prepared to catch more than just fish – old boots and rusty cans included!


The ‘Gem of Juxtaposition’ lies along the south Kent coast – a great fishing spot! You can catch sea bass, plaice and mullet in its perfect tidal movements. Shore fishing is made very easy thanks to the shallow coastline.

When you reach St Marys Bay, closer to Littlestone Golf Club, look out for sand banks – they make a great fishing spot.

Pro Tip: Use fresh bait when fishing for bass!

For pros and novices alike, these tips will help you catch a fish worth posting about on social media.

Fishing tips and tricks for Kent coastal waters

As avid anglers explore the coastal waters of Kent, they should keep in mind several fishing tips and tricks that can increase their chances of making a great catch. Here are some essential pointers:

  • Knowing the tide is essential for successful sea fishing in Kent. Fishing on a rising tide, both near the shore and farther out, vastly improves the chances of catching a variety of fish species.
  • Understanding the type of seabed in the chosen location can be highly advantageous. Fishing over soft sand or gravel can require a different approach than fishing over rocky reefs.
  • Using the right bait is crucial when fishing in Kent coastal waters. The hooks being used should match the bait being used, such as ragworm, peeler crab or fish.
  • Identifying seabirds overhead can also be a sound strategy for finding the ideal locations in Kent coastal waters. The presence of diving birds, such as cormorants, can be an indication of prime fishing grounds.

In addition to these tips and tricks, anglers should also keep in mind that the best catches in Kent coastal waters often require patience and persistence. Good things come to those who wait, and the fishing experience is often as rewarding and enjoyable as the catch itself. So, arm yourself with these essential tips and tricks, and set out to explore the rich fishing hotspots of Kent’s coastal delights.

Did you know that the Thanet Coast in Kent was amongst the first areas to be designated for marine conservation in the UK, with one of the most extensive and varied selections of coastal habitats in the country?

Fishermen are like vampires, they know the best time to come out is either at dawn or dusk.

Best time of day to fish

Are you an angler in Kent? Wondering when’s the best time to go fishing? Plan your trip considering the ideal time to catch your target species based on their behavior, tide, and weather. Here are some points:

  • Early morning & late afternoon – perfect lighting for spotting fish.
  • High tide – fish come closer to shorelines & become more accessible.
  • Slack water – fish feed actively.
  • Cloudy or overcast days – makes it easier for fish to roam & hunt for prey.

Do your research on your target species’ natural behaviors before heading out. Fun fact: The largest cod ever caught in British waters was 58 kg by Frank Parrish off Folkestone in 1966. Tackles & bait won’t guarantee a catch, but better than a fishing rod with a sticky note saying ‘here fishy fishy‘.

Tackle and bait recommendations

For the best fishing in Kent’s coastal waters, you’ll need the right gear and bait. Here’s what to know:

  • Equipment: Get a sturdy rod and reel that can handle strong ocean currents. Use hooks ranging from small to big.
  • Bait: Bloodworms or lugworms are popular choices that attract sea bass, flounder, dab and more.
  • Lures: Metal or plastic spoons with shiny surfaces work well for visibility underwater.

In clear waters during the day, realistic bait is best. Experiment with different bait types and colours to see what works in different conditions.

Pro Tip: Always carry extra bait just in case! Fishing in Kent coastal waters can be tricky but at least it’s not the stock market.

Local regulations and permits

Understand the rules and get the authorizations you need for a successful fishing journey in Kent’s coastal waters. These regulations and permits are essential. All fishermen must have the correct licenses before beginning their voyage. This way, they don’t exceed their catch limits and stay away from forbidden fishing areas.

Adhering to the law helps you avoid penalties and fines. Before you go, check local laws, marine conservation regulations, and EU Common Fisheries Policy tips. And don’t forget to pack the right boating gear, such as lifejackets, anchor chains, distress flares, etc.

Kent’s coastal waters offer great fishing opportunities. Mackerel in summer, cod in winter…it’s all here! Know the rules on catching these species and you’ll surely succeed.

Once upon a time, an experienced fisherman forgot to get the necessary paperwork before heading out. Even though he had caught many fish without any documents in the past, this time, patrolling authorities caught him without a permit. They confiscated his gear and gave him multiple fines. Since then, he’s been regretting his mistake.

Bad days happen, but remember: fishing is always better than a good day at work!

Conclusion and final thoughts on Kent sea fishing spots.

Exploring sea fishing spots in Kent? This region is an angler’s paradise. It’s got diverse coastal fun and plenty of species. Novice and experienced fishermen can look forward to Whitstable, Folkestone Harbour Arm and Dover Breakwater.

Whitstable is renowned for bass fishing by Herne Bay pier. Folkestone Harbour Arm has mackerel, mullet and more. Dover Breakwater is where you’ll find cod, plaice, flounder and pollock.

Other great fishing spots? Try Dungeness Beach, Joss Bay Beach in Broadstairs and Deal Pier. Sharks and rays, too!

Pro Tip: Research local weather and tides before your Kent fishing expedition. Increase your chances of success!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What types of fish can be caught in the sea off the coast of Kent?

A: The coastal waters off Kent are home to a variety of fish species, including bass, cod, haddock, mackerel, and more.

Q: Is a boat necessary for sea fishing in Kent?

A: While a boat can certainly provide access to deeper waters and more diverse fishing spots, there are also plenty of opportunities for shore fishing along the coast of Kent.

Q: Are there any restrictions on fishing in Kent?

A: Yes, anglers are required to obtain a fishing license before fishing in the sea off the coast of Kent. Additionally, there may be specific regulations regarding catch limits, size requirements, and designated fishing areas. It is important to check with local authorities before heading out to fish.

Q: What are some popular sea fishing spots in Kent?

A: Some popular fishing spots in Kent include Herne Bay Pier, Broadstairs Pier, and Deal Pier. Boat anglers may also want to explore areas further out to sea, such as the Goodwin Sands or the Swale Estuary.

Q: What gear is necessary for sea fishing in Kent?

A: Basic sea fishing gear includes a rod and reel, fishing line, hooks, sinkers, and bait. Additionally, anglers may want to invest in specialized equipment such as a fishing vest, waders, and a landing net.

Q: Are there any guided sea fishing tours available in Kent?

A: Yes, there are a number of companies and individuals who offer guided sea fishing tours in Kent. These can be a great option for beginners who are not familiar with the area or for experienced anglers who want to explore new fishing spots.