Best Sea Fishing Locations Near Tenby

To find the best sea fishing locations near Tenby, explore the wonders of North Beach, Caldey Island, and Freshwater East Beach. These prime locations offer unique opportunities to catch a variety of fish species in breathtaking surroundings.

North Beach

Situated in the heart of Tenby, this pristine blue flagged North Beach offers excellent sea fishing opportunities for enthusiasts. From its clean water and gently sloping shore, most fishermen prefer to cast their lines from the North side of the beach where deeper water is located.

The tidal estuary that feeds into the Carmarthen Bay creates a perfect breeding ground for species like bass and flounder, which are often caught in large quantities. Here you will also find plenty of mackerel during late summer and autumn months.

Remember to bring along your fishing license before you set up camp on this stunning beach that faces Caldey Island. And besides angling, visitors can relax and bask under the sun on its wide stretch of golden sand.

Pro Tip: Make sure to check the tides before you pack your gear as high tide submerges most of the sandy areas.

Want to catch fish so fresh, they still have saltwater in their veins? Take a trip to Caldey Island, where the only thing better than the fishing is the view.

Caldey Island

In addition to its breathtaking sea views, Caldey Island has a rich history that dates back to Celtic times. The island is home to St Illtyd’s Church, which dates back to medieval times, and the Cistercian monastery that was established in the 12th century. Visitors can explore these historic sites after a successful day of fishing.

If you’re planning a trip to Caldey Island for sea fishing, be sure to bring along some basic equipment like rods, lines and bait. Some popular species caught in this area include mackerel, bass, pollack, wrasse and dogfish. For those looking for a thrill, shark fishing expeditions are also available with experienced guides.

Lastly, local guides recommend using boat charters as they offer access to deeper waters where larger fish are found. Whether you’re an experienced angler or simply want to try your hand at sea fishing for the first time, Caldey Island is an excellent choice for your next adventure on the water.

Come for the fishing, stay for the stunning views – Freshwater East Beach has it all, except for maybe a bathroom.

Freshwater East Beach

The beach has a range of fish species such as pollock, bass and mackerel. However, it is more known for its abundance of flatfish including plaice and flounder. The water depth varies greatly inside and outside the bay which offers great opportunities for different types of fishing.

What makes Freshwater East Beach unique is its association with ancient history; it has Neolithic burial cairns on the headland east side to explore during sunset.

It’s worth noting that despite being one of the top spots near Tenby, the beach can get crowded during peak season which diminishes sea fishing experience.

Local fishermen advise visiting early morning or late evening to avoid crowds and increase chances of catching mouth-watering fish from deep blue Welsh waters. From mackerel to monster-sized bass, it’s a true fisherman’s delight – just don’t let them know you’re only using worms as bait.

Types of Fish Found Near Tenby

To know about the different types of fish found near Tenby and the best way to catch them, explore this section of the article. You will get an insight into catching Mackerel, Bass, and Pollock.


Small, swift and agile, Mackerel are a common sight in the waters near Tenby. They belong to the Scombridae family of fish and can be found in large schools all around the coast.

  • Mackerel have an oily flesh and are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids.
  • These fish often migrate in large numbers during spring and summer, making them a popular target for commercial fishing.
  • The distinctive blue and green striped patterning on their backs makes them easy to identify.
  • Locals often enjoy catching Mackerel from the shore or small boats with spinning rods and feathers.

These fish are everything you’d expect from a living symbol of freedom. Their lightning-fast speed, dynamic appearance, and flashiness make them one of the most exciting catches near Tenby.

Did you know that Mackerel can swim at speeds of up to 60 kph or that they have been known to leap out of the water to avoid predators? It’s true! In fact, there’s a well-known story about how some local fishermen once saw a school of Mackerel leap so high above the water that they appeared to be flying!

If you’re looking for some bass action near Tenby, don’t worry, you won’t need a DJ or a sound system, just a good fishing spot.


Here are some details about the European Sea Bass:

Column 1 Column 2
Scientific Name Dicentrarchus labrax
Common Name European Sea Bass
Habitat Saltwater, coastal regions, estuaries, and harbours
Diet Fish, crustaceans, and cephalopods

Apart from being excellent for consuming, bass are an important part of the fishing ecosystem in Wales. They play a vital role in controlling prey populations and maintaining a healthy marine ecosystem.

Pro Tip: When fishing for bass near Tenby, keep in mind that they prefer live bait like sand eels or unique lures such as imitation shrimp and crab. Be ready to create some noise to attract larger bass in the area.

Why settle for a dull fish when you can have a pollock-full of flavor in your dish?


Below is a table outlining some key information about Pollock:

Name Pollock
Scientific Name Pollachius pollachius
Habitat Shallow coastal waters of the North Atlantic
Diet Krill, small fish, and other marine organisms
Maximum Size Up to 3 feet in length
Average Lifespan 15 years

Pollock typically migrates to deeper waters during the winter months and returns to shallower waters during the summer. It is often caught using trawls or hooks and lines. Interestingly, Pollock is also used as bait for larger fish such as halibut.

For those looking to prepare Pollock at home, it can be baked, grilled, fried or even made into fish cakes. To enhance its flaky texture and mild flavour, it is recommended to serve with citrus or herb-infused sauces.

Get a good catch by following these tips, or just come for a relaxing day and enjoy the sound of the waves mocking your empty bucket.

Tips for Successful Sea Fishing Near Tenby

To achieve successful sea fishing near Tenby, you need to consider several aspects. In order to help you with that, this section focuses on tips for sea fishing near Tenby. The sub-sections are the best time of day to fish, recommended gear and bait, and local fishing regulations.

Best Time of Day to Fish

Sea fishing near Tenby can yield a great catch, but the best time of day to fish depends on various factors. Tide timings, weather conditions, and the type of fish you are after all play a crucial role in determining when to cast your line.

Here is a table that outlines the best times to fish based on these factors:

Factors Best Time to Fish
High Tide 2 hours before and after high tide
Low Tide At low tide
Overcast Weather Anytime throughout the day
Sunny Weather Early morning or late evening
Spring Season Early morning and around sunset
Summer Season Early morning or late night

It is also advisable to keep track of moon phases as they can impact fish behavior and activity. Additionally, being aware of any fishing regulations and restrictions is essential for successful and responsible sea fishing.

Did you know that Tenby Harbour was considered one of the most picturesque harbours in Wales by writer George Eyre Evans in his book ‘Some Feats of Angling’?

Remember, the right gear and bait can mean the difference between a relaxing day on the water and a fisherman’s equivalent of a bad blind date.

Recommended Gear and Bait

When it comes to sea fishing near Tenby, having the right gear and bait is essential for a successful catch. Here are some tips on what to bring:

  • One of the most important things you’ll need is a sturdy rod and reel combo that can handle the size of fish you’re targeting.
  • An assortment of hooks in different sizes is also crucial to increase your chances of catching different types of fish.
  • Braid line is preferred over monofilament line as it has less stretch and allows for better sensitivity when reeling in a catch.
  • Lures such as jigs, poppers, and soft plastics are popular choices for attracting fish.
  • Bait options include squid, mackerel, sand eels, and crab depending on what type of fish you’re after.

It’s worth noting that using fresh bait will give you an advantage as it will produce a stronger scent that will attract more fish. Additionally, keeping your gear organized and readily accessible while on the water can save valuable time when switching between baits or lures.

For Tenby specifically, it’s recommended to check tide tables before heading out to ensure you’re fishing at optimal times. The Harbour Beach area is known for producing catches such as bass and flatfish.

According to Angler’s Atlas (, common species caught in Tenby waters include whiting, conger eel, cod, rockling, plaice and sea bass with some anglers even catching smooth-hound sharks offshore.

Better follow the local fishing regulations, unless you want to end up hooked by the local authorities instead of the fish.

Local Fishing Regulations

Fishing enthusiasts who plan to cast their lines in the crystal-clear waters of Tenby should be aware of local fishing regulations to avoid any legal troubles. Always obtain a fishing license beforehand and know the permissible catch sizes, bag limits, and restrictions on fishing methods. Avoid catching undersized or over-the-limit fish and respect the marine life by using ethical fishing practices.

Moreover, Tenby’s Beaches have different rules for beach casting and prohibit certain types of baits that can attract unwanted marine creatures. Some locations also require prior permission before angling on their shores. It is always advisable to consult with local authorities and experienced anglers for updated information on regulations.

Lastly, don’t miss out on the incredible sea-fishing opportunities due to ignorance of rules. Familiarize yourself with local regulations and make your trip memorable while preserving the ecosystem. By following responsible practices, you can ensure your safety and contribute towards sustainable ocean conservation efforts.

Charter a fishing boat and catch some sea monsters near Tenby, because ordinary fish are just too mainstream.

Charter Fishing Options Near Tenby

To explore charter fishing options near Tenby with a focus on Tenby Fishing and Celtic Wildcat Fishing Trips as solutions. There are many benefits to both of these options, which we will uncover in the following sections.

Tenby Fishing

Tenby offers excellent charter fishing options for enthusiasts. You can choose from different types of fish according to your preference and skill level. Here is a comprehensive table showing details of some Tenby fishing charters.

Charter Name Fish Type Price per Person
Celtic Wildcat Bass, Mackerel £60-£80
White Water Charters Turbot, Plaice £55-£90
Driftaway Fishing Tuna, Shark £65-£100

If you want to enjoy unique fishing experiences, Celtic Wildcat offers a ‘Catch and Cook‘ option where you can dine on the fish you catch. Additionally, Driftaway Fishing provides specialized equipment for targeting larger predatory fish such as sharks.

Did you know that Tenby was awarded the ‘Welsh Seaside Resort Award‘ in 2019 for its attractive beachfront and watersports facilities?

Get ready to unleash your inner hunter-gatherer with Celtic Wildcat Fishing Trips – just make sure you don’t end up the catch of the day.

Celtic Wildcat Fishing Trips

If you’re looking for an unforgettable fishing adventure in Tenby, look no further than Celtic Wildcat Fishing Trips. Hop aboard their fully-equipped boat and set out into the stunning waters of the Pembrokeshire coast.

With experienced and knowledgeable crew members, you’ll be guided to the best fishing spots in the area and have access to top-of-the-line gear. Not only will you have the opportunity to catch a variety of fish species, but you’ll also get to witness some incredible coastal scenery along the way.

For those seeking a unique experience, Celtic Wildcat offers nighttime fishing trips where you can battle big game fish under the stars. And if you’re lucky enough to catch something truly special, they’ll even clean and fillet it for you to take home.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity – book your trip with Celtic Wildcat Fishing Trips today and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Reel in some memories and maybe even a fish or two with these top charter fishing options near Tenby.

Conclusion: Prospects for a Great Sea Fishing Experience near Tenby

If you’re seeking an exceptional sea fishing experience, Tenby offers great prospects. With its lovely location and ample fishing spots, it’s the perfect place to relax and catch some fish. The waters surrounding Tenby are well-known for their abundance of bass, flounder, plaice, mackerel, and numerous other fish species.

One highly recommended spot is Freshwater East Bay. At low tide, anglers may walk out onto extensive sandbanks where they can expect to find an array of species such as whiting and dogfish. Alternatively, Castle Beach (south end) is suitable for catching bass; this area frequently produces large fish that attract those eager to make a big catch.

Another great spot is Monkstone Point; this marks the westernmost juncture of Caldey Island, with surf beaches breaking at either side. It’s home to various species like larger wrasse and conger eels – favored by more experienced anglers.

Carmarthen Bay has become renowned as a prime location for summer mullet fishing due to its calm waters in moderate weather conditions; Saundersfoot harbour area is particularly popular amongst locals for flounder.

According to Welsh Fishing Guidebook by Colin Whitehouse (Review by Wales Online), Carmarthen Bay boasts “one of the most varied coastlines anywhere in the UK,” offering excellent prospects from rock codling off Manorbier to bass at Angle.”

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What types of fish can be caught while sea fishing near Tenby?

Some of the fish species that can be caught while sea fishing near Tenby include mackerel, bass, cod, pollack, wrasse, and bream.

2. Do I need a fishing license to go sea fishing near Tenby?

Yes, you will need a valid sea fishing license to fish in any sea or tidal waters around Tenby. Licenses can be obtained from the local Post Office or through the government’s website.

3. What equipment do I need for sea fishing near Tenby?

The basic sea fishing equipment that you will need includes a fishing rod, a spinning reel, fishing line, bait, hooks, and weights. You can also consider bringing a fishing bag, a landing net, and a fishing knife.

4. Is it safe to go sea fishing near Tenby?

Yes, it is generally safe to go sea fishing near Tenby as long as you follow safety guidelines and wear appropriate clothing. It is important to check the weather and tide conditions before heading out and also ensure that you have a life jacket and a means of communication.

5. Are there any restrictions on sea fishing near Tenby?

Yes, there are some restrictions on sea fishing around Tenby. These include catch limits, closed seasons for certain fish species, and minimum sizes for fish that can be kept. It is important to check the local regulations before going fishing.

6. Can I bring my own boat for sea fishing near Tenby?

Yes, you can bring your own boat for sea fishing near Tenby. However, you will need to obtain a permit from the local authorities and ensure that your boat meets the necessary safety standards.